Joint Venture Giveaways

What are Joint Venture Giveaways?

Customers are the reason that you stay in business. Getting a lead on your target market is not always an easy process. Building a list takes time and effort. One highly effective way to build your list is to take part in joint venture giveaways.

Sounds Good But What Is It?

The name makes it sound great but what exactly does it mean? A joint venture giveaway is an event where business owners provide free products in order to draw in customers. By partnering with other business owners, you are able to connect with members of their community and share what you have to offer. In turn, your community learns about the other joint venture partners participating.

Everyone loves freebies, potential customers included. Joint venture giveaways aren’t just any freebie. Joint venture giveaways are an opportunity to showcase what you have to offer. They are an opportunity to share your talents and skills with a whole new audience and therefore what you giveaway is important and should offer real value.

Joint venture giveaways are often created around an event such as a Telesummit or a particular holiday. Since the events we are discussing are online events, the free giveaways are almost always digital in nature. This allows potential customers to instantly receive your free giveaway.

There are many products that you can give away. EBooks and article packs are very popular and, if you are not a writer, can easily be picked up from a PLR site. Have you made a video? Recorded an interviewed you did with someone? These are all very popular and easy to pull together giveaways.

How can you Participate?

Joint ventures can be general or specific. For instance, some joint ventures are created to inform people about creating traffic for their website or how to get free publicity. Others might be more general such as self improvement or health. Be on the lookout and keep your ears open and you’ll hear about many joint venture giveaway opportunities.

There are two ways to be involved in a joint venture giveaway. First you can participate and get involved. Find out what is being offered, sign up and take advantage of the giveaways. You may find that you will learn about new tools, memberships and products that can help you in your business.

Another way to participate in a joint venture giveaway is to be a contributor. As a contributor you would be one of the many business people offering a free giveaway. In exchange for your giveaway, members are required to opt-in to your list. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your list and impress potential customers with your terrific giveaway.

From the highly recognized Internet marketer to a newbie, anyone can take part in joint venture giveaways if they are serious about building their list and growing their business. When you hear about a joint venture giveaway, step forward and ask how you can participate. While some events are closed, many business owners will be honored that you wanted to participate and welcome you to join in, especially if you have good content to offer. After all the more businesses who participate in the giveaway, the wider the audience that all participants can possibly reach.

How Joint Venture Giveaways Work

Joint venture giveaways are an excellent way to build your list within your target market. Those who attend and those who participate are trying to reach the same goal – business growth. Here is a brief overview of how these ventures work.

First Things First

To participate in a joint venture giveaway all you have to do is sign up and register for the giveaway event. Sometimes you will visit one site and opt-in to receive your free “goodies”. Other times, you will visit numerous sites to receive the giveaways. When the event starts, you will have access to dozens or even hundreds (depending on the number of contributors) of free and helpful goodies for your business.

After attending a joint venture event as a member, you may want to convert to a contributor. Contributors provide a giveaway that others can download. As a contributor, you can certainly participate in the event as well. Depending on the joint venture giveaway event, it may be by invitation only or it may be open to anyone who wants to contribute. Ask the organizer! The worse they can say is “No!”

Your Product Offering

Once you have decided to contribute to a giveaway event, it’s time to think about your offering. You can offer a product that you created or one that offers resell rights. Either way, members have to be able to download your product. This way, you can offer your product to 2,000 people just as easily as two.

As you are deciding on your giveaway, it is important to consider the following: 1) Who are the participants of the joint venture giveaway? 2) What are they hoping to get out of the event; 3) What relevant offer to you have? 4) What aspect of your business do you want to showcase. Remember, your giveaway should add value so be sure to consider the audience and your goals.


Most joint venture giveaways required contributors to promote the event to their list, Twitter or FaceBook communities. The more people who know about the event, the more leads all contributors gain.

As you promote, don’t forget to post links on your site and/or blog. This way, interested joint venture partners can find out how they can sign on as a contributor. Your readers and customers can join as members and get tons of free gifts.

Joint venture giveaways are a win-win situation for everyone involved. As a participant, you can see the list of giveaway items and promote the event yourself so others can share in the bounty. As a contributor, you and other JV partners are promoting the event to build your list. Joint venture giveaways are a fabulous, highly affordable way to gain hundreds of new leads in a short time.

Benefits of Participating in a Joint Venture Giveaway

There are many benefits to participating in a Joint Venture (JV) giveaway.

The biggest benefits are the opportunity to build your list, expand your community and generate leads for your business. Both participants and contributors to JV events reap huge rewards.

Joint Venture Giveaway Participants

Participants sign up to get free products at the event. To receive your free products, you will most likely be required to opt-in for that person’s email list or newsletter. Some benefits to JV participants are:

• Access to free products and memberships that otherwise you would have to pay for or may never learn about. Many JV giveaway goodies are created specifically for the giveaway and are not available anywhere else.

• You can build your business. As a participant you may gain access to brandable products, PLR content, learning tools and more that can build up your website and increase your sales as a result.

• Generate ideas. By participating and seeing what other entrepreneurs or businesses have to offer, you may generate ideas of your own for new products, services or ways to do business as a whole.

Joint Venture Giveaway Contributors

Contributors are joint venture partners who offer a product for free. The benefits of being a contributor include:

• List building is the main point of this exercise. You may have struggled to get 100 names before, but with other joint venture partners promoting the event just like you, your business can end up getting ten times that many names throughout the course of the event.

• Your quality of leads is much better than you could get in the same amount of time on your own. Depending on the business names associated with the event, your list may be stellar.

• You can promote your business through your free products. What you offer can have something to do with your business. For example, if you include a free eBook, load it with your affiliate links and also links to your own website. Now, when we say load we don’t mean stuff it full of nothing but promotions. Provide value in what you contribute otherwise people will unsubscribe as quick (or quicker) than they signed up in the first place.

• Bonus profit is yours with one-time offers. When the members opt-in, you can include a limited offer on the landing page that they can take advantage of right then and there for a reduced price. Be sure to check the giveaway rules as some do not allow offers directly on your download page. If this is the case, provide them information about your products in the autoresponder follow up series. You did set up a follow up series, right?

There are benefits to being both a participant and a contributor in joint venture giveaway events. Try it both ways for greater success.

How to Find Joint Venture Giveaways

You may have heard something about joint venture giveaways. Most people who have participated in one probably talk about the unbelievable benefits. That’s all well and good, but you have to know where you can find them before you can participate.

Joint venture giveaways are events promoted by lots of joint venture partners. The goal is to build their lists as they give away free products and services to members that sign up. These ventures can include big name Internet marketers as well as the novice marketer all in one place. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to grow their business.

Finding Joint Venture Partners

Many joint venture giveaways are invitation only events. One way to get invited is to find joint venture partners of your own. The more people you know within your niche, the better your chances are of catching the eye of the right person who can give you access and an invitation to these events.

One place you can find JV partners is on ClickBank. ClickBank is a marketplace where you can find many affiliate programs who are looking for affiliates and joint venture partners. For digital product business owners, you can list your products here. You can also see who else is selling within your niche but in a non-competitive way. You can build your list of potential joint venture partners here.

Networking your Way to a JV Giveaway

If you are interested in participating in a joint venture giveaway, and most of us are, start by networking! Get to know other people in your niche through networking, forums and participating in existing joint venture giveaways. Make a note of the contributors and introduce yourself. While networking has a different platform for online businesses, it is still a highly effective way to get what you want!

You can also do a search using keywords such as “joint venture giveaways.” Scan the results to find JV partners who are offering open invitations to the event. Sign up and be sure to follow the giveaway rules. Once your name starts to get out there, you’ll find more invitations to contribute to joint venture giveaways in your mailbox!

If your business or industry has a special event, anniversary or other reason to celebrate, consider organizing your own joint venture giveaway. Through your business associations, you can find other partners willing to lend their name and offer a free product for members to download. As an added benefit, you increase your credibility among your joint venture partners.

One thing for certain, if you want to participate or contribute to a joint venture giveaway you have to be visible! Network, form alliances and associations and get to know other individuals and leaders in your niche or industry. The more often you or your business is seen, and considered an authority, the more likely you are to receive those coveted JV giveaway invitations.

Getting Ready for a Joint Venture Giveaway

There are many things you can do to get ready for a Joint Venture Giveaway even before receiving your first invitation. As a contributor to a joint venture giveaway, you can expect to receive a significant increase in traffic to your website as well as general discussion about you and your product. Put your best foot forward!

Preparing your product and getting your website ready are two very important steps for preparing to participate in joint venture giveaways.

Your Website

The first impression a lead will get about you is from your website. You can take steps now to prepare your site so you “Wow” visitors from the start. An incomplete or poorly put together website will discourage people from signing up for your giveaway and you will have missed an opportunity.

The three elements you will want to have in place are:

1) Landing Page

2) Autoresponder/Email Marketing Program

3) Download Page

Landing Page. A landing page is the website page where JV giveaway participants will read about you and your product, then enter the information that you request. It’s important to provide just enough information to hook the reader but not so much to overwhelm. Your ultimate goal is to get their name and email address so you can communicate with them in the future and hopefully turn them into a customer.

Autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email delivery service that can collect the name and email address of your visitor and automatically send them an email from you. You will use your autoresponder service to create your opt-in box as well as deliver email to your lead. Good autoresponder services, such as Aweber, will take you through the process step-by-step. They can help you to set up your opt-in form and integrate it into your landing page. Autoresponders also make it easy to follow up with your list, after the event is over, through a series of informative emails.

Download Page. This is the page that participants will be directed to after they submit their information. This will also be the page where they download their free gift. These are just like any other page on your website.

Some people offer one-time deals at this point. On this page, you may include another button to purchase the one-time offer or continue on to the download page. One-time offers are a way for contributors to earn money from the promotion.

With all of your basics and bells and whistles in place, you are ready for the JV giveaway event to start. There are software products out there to help you accomplish all of these things so you can be ready to shine at the giveaway event.

Your Product

What do you have to use as a giveaway? The time to prepare your giveaway is before you receive an invitation to contribute. If nothing comes to mind, search private label rights stores for ideas and products. You can use brandable products that you have purchased and employ resell rights. If you create the product yourself, it will be more reflective of your own business. For Internet businesses that manage membership sites, offering free memberships is a draw to get folks to fill out your opt-in page. Or ask someone to interview you and record it. Having a product ready will make the entire joint venture much easier and more enjoyable for you.

Think outside the box. Go for that unique product others will find hard to resist. What have you seen at other JV giveaway events? Is there an idea you think you can improve on and market as your own? Pull out all the stops for the event.

If you have a graphics program, put it to good use. You will need a picture of your product for the event. This way, others can see and read a description of what you are offering them if they sign up as members for the event.

Joint venture giveaways are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to build your list and grow your business. Start preparing for success today!