Second Lesson – Getting Your Gifts Ready

In this lesson we be talking about some of the steps you need to take while getting your own gifts ready to submit to giveaway events.

Now that you have experienced the power of the Giveaways by actually getting some free gifts and subscribing to the lists of several marketers, it’s time to start thinking and planning the gifts you are going to submit to giveaway events!

This process will take a little longer because you will want to participate as a subscriber for a couple of weeks on the various lists of other marketers to see how they make the most out of these events.

Often what they will do is offer you the free gift and then after a couple of days present you with the opportunity to upgrade to a resale or private label version of the product so that you can sell it or give it away too.

This is a very good strategy and you should make note of it for your own gifts.

With your new collection of products that you have received from joining these giveaways you should be able to come up with some good ideas for your own gift giving process.

At this time you need to do a few things:

First, decide on the gift you are going to contribute. If you have theability to create your own product all the better because you won’t have any competition. If you don’t it’s perfectly OK to start out using a product that you have the giveaway rights to.

You will want to keep in mind the type of subscribers that you want to join your list during the event and keep your gift closely related to that topic. For instance, if you want to build a list of people interested in cooking, because you sell a lot of cooking related products you will want to give away something like a cookbook, a report with tips for budding new chefs or an ebook on “How Not to Burn the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Once you have decided on a gift to contribute you will have to create a “squeeze page” and a “download page”. If you don’t know how to do this yourself you will need to learn how, hire someone to do it for you or purchase a premade package or template that you can use.

You need a good autoresponder and you must learn how to start a list campaign, create an optin web form and embed it into the your squeeze page so that people can sign up for your free gift.

You will also want to create a series of emails to send to the people who join your list from the event.

These should included a thank you note with a link to their gift download, a follow up message asking them if they received their gift OK, if they are enjoying it and if they need any assistance. You may also want to include another free gift to them so that they will want to stay on your list.

Most importantly you want to write and email to send out after a few days offering them and upgrade, special discount or related product. Make it something that they will perceive as high value at a very low cost, so it is virtually irresistible to them. This is where your hard work will start to pay off, because you can get them into your sales funnel.

Most giveaways will require that you promote the event and may require that you invite a certain amount of people to join before your gift is made available inside the download area. Therefore you must have a plan in place to get signups for the event.

The event host will keep track of the people that you send to them through a special affiliate link that they provide you with after you join the event. If you fail to promote your gift will most likely be removed.

Look for more events to join. Continue to add to the good and bad folders on your computer and begin making a list of possible product ideas that you can use as a contribution when it’s time for you to become a contributor.

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