How you can use Giveaway’s to your advantage?

Unless your computer is broken, or have been hiding under a rock in some far away land with no Internet connection for the last ten years then chances are that you have been exposed to some type of giveaway event. This method of list building is very well known by Internet marketers all over the world.

You see, dozens, sometimes hundreds of Internet Marketers just like you will gather together to build their lists and they have discovered that offering free gifts in big giveaways is a great way to achieve this goal quickly.

A quick search online for “giveaway jv” will lead you right to a list of sites that post giveaway events that you can join. These events are created for a wide variety of reasons and they are held nearly year-round.

Before you begin contributing to giveaways you will want to join several so that you can get a good idea of how the system works. By joining as a subscriber first you will be able to pick up some free products, sign up for several lists from other marketers and see how they are setting up their giveaway system.

Not only is this a good way to spy on your competitors, it is a good way to get your hands on products that you can use to build your own list too!

Once you join a few of these events you will be hit with a lot of email and even though it will be tempting to opt-out of these lists, you don’t want to be too hasty. Remember you are trying to learn how to make the most out of giveaway system for when you start adding your own products to them.

Set up a folder on your desktop and keep track of the products and emails that have the most impact on you.

You will notice that a lot of your more savvy marketers will send you several emails, thanking you, offering you even more free gifts and then eventually trying to get you into their sales funnel with a good low cost offer. These are the ones that you want to keep a close eye on because they are good at converting subscribers from these events in to customers.

You may also want to keep a folder with the ones that you didn’t like so that you will know what NOT to do when you start joining events.

Go do a search for “giveaway jv”, find some events to join and set up the folders on your computer for the good and bad products and emails that you receive.

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