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LotCon-Internet Marketing-Affiliate-Marketing280Forums are common platforms of discussion to secure more information about a particular topic or issue of interest to participants. Today’s modern technologies enable online forums or meet-ups to happen on the Internet more conveniently. Online forums have become a dynamic virtual platform where interested parties could still seek out information through questions posed to market or subject experts invited to the forum.

Online forums comprise like-minded communities that are eager to share their thoughts on a particular subject or topic of interest. A myriad of online forum groups could be generated for different niches to create specific online communities on the Internet. Active participation would cause the online forum to be very dynamic and exciting while luring more participants and observers who form the targeted niche markets for the business and brand.

Effectiveness of Online Forums

Online forums are very effective in attracting the specific or desired business crowds to be more aware of the brand or product offerings. Online forums could be established at popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which have millions of subscribers that are appropriate to be potential business leads and customers.

These dynamic social networks allow marketers and business owners to select their preferred niche markets through online forums which help in the narrowing down of quality leads that would not waste marketers’ time and effort in building a strong mailing list.

Moreover, online forums offer a safe platform to seek the best of answers to an issue faced by web consumers who can ask freely without obligations or hesitation. These are good channels to connect with relevant business potentials which encourage business opportunities to flourish at the right time.

The availability of the signature box attached to the web business link allows marketers to promote their business brand subtly and professionally with an appropriate call-to-action option. Good comments or great reviews on the forum topics are likely to attract more interest from forum participants or observers to click on the web link or opt into the business mailing list for more useful content.

Organic or free traffic could be generated in bulk at a consistent rate if interesting topics are posted on online forums to attract targeted niche audiences. Responsive traffic is highly desired to boost the business operations and brand awareness.

Implementation Tips

Online forums are excellent in promoting the business brand and offerings effectively and professionally without the dreaded hardcore selling which drives potential customers away instead of attracting them to the web business site. This is a free resource which online business owners and marketers could consider in expanding their business opportunities for more traffic.

The implementation of online forums as a dynamic marketing tool and strategy is easy and fast. Business owners and marketers who want to engage in online forums to market their business brand and offers could kick start the marketing strategy quite easily.

1) Check out the market for the current trends and consumer needs

This would help marketers identify the best topic to generate a forum on the Internet and specifically at which channel with more potential business leads to be captured. Hot topics would draw more participants and observers to fuel business growth. This would include identifying the right online community that would be spurred to participate at the forum when the proposed topic is posted.

2) Post up the most interesting topic for the forum and encourage response

Well worded forum topics tend to attract lots of attention while stirring interests from various channels of potential leads. The right choice of words to form the forum topic or title is very instrumental in generating the right hype and buzz on bringing in more responses and participation in the forum. The right questions would prompt more web consumers to be participants as certain feelings and thoughts would be triggered.

3) Be well prepared with a topic

An interesting forum topic or title tends to attract a lot of interested observers and participants. Hence, the forum experts must be prepared with good answers that would impress or satisfy seeking consumers drawn to the forum. The right answer could hook or spurn the consumer for life on the brand or business.

4) Professional Forum Facilitator or Administrator

A well conducted online forum requires a professional facilitator or administrator who is sharp with the online forum’s participants’ authentic intents. Some participants may be troublemakers with too much time on their hands or competitors trying to stir up the hornet’s nest. A skilled online forum facilitator is apt in managing the threads professionally to ensure a fruitful discussion on the identified topic while the professional administrator is diligent in keeping the online forum platform clean and wholesome for effective online discussions that benefit all participants without riling up bad vibes and negative feelings.

5) Active participation for recognition

Business owners or marketers who wish to leverage on Internet forums for more web traffic must be proactive in the online participation of the forum discussion. However, a professional and humble attitude would take the entrepreneur or marketer further with useful and fresh insights during the discussion.

6) Follow up personally and consistently

The marketing plan is not over with the end of the online forum after its expiration date. Marketers could still reap big results with a consistent and personal follow up on every potential lead from every online forum participant or observer who indicated some interest in the business or brand. Prompt responses are preferred to win over potential leads.


Generating consistent organic web traffic to any business website requires diligence and creativity from planning to implementation of any marketing strategy. Forum marketing is a dynamic marketing strategy that works to achieve the desired business outcome with the proper understanding and implementation of successful online forums.

Forum marketing is very easy to implement with some pre-planned activities to produce more traffic for the business. There are many benefits in using online forums to win more potential business leads that could be converted into loyal customers of the brand or business over time.


LotCon-Internet-Marketing-List-Building280Modern business owners and marketers today are becoming acutely aware of the importance of a squeeze page that they could leverage on for better returns in their business ventures. A squeeze page is highly instrumental in compelling web visitors to enter personal contact details like their email address to build up the leads list of the business. This provides the business owner or marketer the business opportunity to stay in contact with the potential lead and build a strong customer relationship that would benefit the branding of the business.

List building is an essential process which business owners and marketers must engage in to grow the business. Hence, an effective squeeze page must be well designed to be efficient.

Listed below are 7 tips for a super star squeeze page that would benefit the business.

Tip 1 – Simplicity
Creating a squeeze page is easy when simplicity is in focus. This would keep the page clean and attractive without the clutter that blocks or distracts viewers’ attention and focus. Important information should be listed clearly without overloading text or pictures to help visitors be directed to the essentials of the page.
A simple squeeze page helps put viewers at ease to procure a good overview of the page to understand its objective and allow users to comply with the requirements easily. A squeeze page is not an advertorial space; hence, simplicity is the best policy in attracting users to fill in their contact details.

Tip 2 – Value-added Freebies
Procuring customer contact information is not always easy and free without something attractive to entice customers. Hence, value-added freebies prove to be a strong attraction to compel potential business leads in releasing their personal contact details which benefit marketers in establishing strong customer relations to boost their business.
Marketers could consider free e-books, free quality product samples, free coaching or training on a particularly popular topic or niche which they are well versed in. These are useful and relevant to many aspiring business entrepreneurs and ordinary consumers who like free stuff for a try-out. Consumers warm to freebies and usually do not mind filling in their contact information if there are more freebies to be enjoyed.

Tip 3 – Competitive Keywords
The use of competitive keywords allows a faster and more successful search by potential customers on what the business could offer. This would boost the business website up above the competition where all types of keywords are indulged in.
Marketers must be alert to the types of preferred keywords or key phrases for catching web consumers’ attention and interest. The Internet offers a host of tools to select the best of keywords or phrases that would draw more web traffic.

Tip 4 – Catchy Headlines
Attention grabbing headlines on a squeeze page help to attract potential leads to the page for more important business information to be conveyed. This is an ideal marketing strategy where the customer is brought a step closer to the most important action of the squeeze page; to secure user contact information.
Catchy headlines usually stick in the head longer to be excellent and effective promotional elements of any brand or business. However, a high level of creativity is required to generate attention grabbing headlines that give an insight of the benefits to be reaped by consumers who participate in the offers.

Tip 5 – Video Marketing
Videos are today’s preferred marketing elements over text and audio options. Modern consumers love to view a short and well produced video regardless of its topic or content. The plus point comes with exciting and fresh contents that entertain even on a squeeze page where the traditional static content could be translated into powerful visual material with rich information that benefits viewers.
Simple videos could be produced quickly with simple gadgets that do not burst the budget or deadline when the theme and content elements are properly thought out and put into the right actions that would project the business message effectively and efficiently. The essential elements of a well designed video could be readily incorporated to create the right effects on the squeeze page for the best results.

Tip 6 – Mobile Friendly & Compatible Design
As technology advances today with mobile technology on the streets, it is a definite plus when the squeeze page is viewable on mobile devices and gadgets which are popular amongst consumers. With more mobile apps sprouting in the marketplace, a squeeze page is likened to a website where mobile compatible designs are essential to a proper display on mobile devices.
This would allow marketers to stay connected with mobile users at all times for any updates on the web business site or squeeze page. As more consumers embrace mobile technology through mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, iPhones and tablets, it is crucial for a squeeze page to be mobile compatible or mobile friendly.

Tip 7 – Essential Contact Information
Keeping the squeeze page simple in structure and design is only half the battle won; the purpose of the squeeze page should also be focused with only the essential contact information encouraged. Experience proves a higher compliance to the call-to-action request with fewer details required as consumers are more obliging with less information to be released and the sign-in task could be executed promptly.
The wise marketer should only request for the consumers’ email address; after which, further follow up work could be executed and a stronger relationship could be established with a higher conversion from potential business lead to customer status. Once the relationship is established, the marketer could gather other pertinent information about the potential customer to offer relevant business products to boost the bottom lines.

Smart marketers who indulge in a squeeze page as part of the marketing tool stands to gain more customers when the squeeze page is manipulated dynamically. The squeeze page could be very effective for an opt-in of potential leads with exciting features incorporated. More targeted traffic could be easily and quickly generated through the squeeze page with the right tools and solutions.


LotCon-Internet-Marketing-List-Building280Connecting with potential business leads and existing customers is crucial to the survival of a company today as consumers have many choices at their disposal through progressive technologies. Successful businesses are noted to interact with their customers constantly in establishing strong and friendly relations.

Establishing An Internet Presence

Every modern business today must learn how to manage their social media presence through regular interactions with their list of existing customers and potential business leads. There is a strong need to establish a solid Internet presence for companies to succeed in their industry and overall market.

Companies may engage in the best of marketing tools and strategies, but if these are not well managed, the results would not be favorable and a higher cost would be incurred. This would lower profits for the company with no financial success.

Hence, it is crucial for the company to create a personal and unique identity for establishing its business. The right words must be selected with appropriate images to describe the business and brand aptly for an easy identification. Striking colors that represent the business brand would improve the company image. Top search engines would approve of well implemented SEO features to award higher webpage rankings that would attract more traffic to its site.

Effective Processes

Another approach to establish market presence for companies is to define their audience precisely. Marketers must stay alert to the changing consumer behavior and the constantly evolving market trends to remain relevant in the market. It is easy for a business to climb to the top, but difficult to remain at the top without extra effort and relevant tools.

When the targeted audiences are clearly defined, marketers would be more focused in structuring dynamic marketing campaigns using versatile marketing strategies that would be successful with higher ROIs. The business would also be able to define specific consumer information to generate a greater exposure to its targeted audience.

Another important process that helps in establishing the business in the marketplace is a well designed and complete profile. Many dynamic websites and marketing platforms are excellent channels in displaying essential business information to promote the company, business brand or marketer. The social media networks form the best of options in enhancing the company’s presence in the market with a strong and appealing profile.

A well designed and complete profile with interesting details is likely to attract and retain more web visitors. This would in turn expand the market presence of the business and brand.

Reciprocal Connectivity

Marketers must be proactive in adding, following or joining activities to open avenues on the Internet in establishing the business brand and company. This form of connectivity is crucial to widen the market presence of the company with more web consumers introduced to the brand and business. Marketers who are diligent to be made known or heard over the Internet would be viewed and acknowledged as a proactive market player. If great contributions are executed over the Internet through various connectivity channels, the marketer could be recognized as a market leader that is worth following.

Reciprocal connectivity is very important in establishing and strengthening the market presence of the company. It is not just following others on various social media or online groups, but convincing others to reciprocate. Well designed personal invitations could be farmed out to interest others to join new interest groups generated by the marketer to direct targeted web traffic to be exposed to the business brand and products in a friendly manner.

Marketers would need to take the initiative in joining popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to seek out relevant potential leads for the business. These social media platforms are excellent in offering millions of subscribers as potential business leads for the business.

A simple friend request could be sent out to connect with the selected potential lead on any of the social media networks, which could grow the customer database or mailing list of the business effectively. Marketers could consider common grounds or similar areas of interests to foster good customer relations while meeting consumer needs and expectations would be an alternative to procure dynamic customers for business expansion.

Marketers must continually engage and interact with their existing customers and potential business leads that would keep them loyal to the business brand. Opportunities could be created to appreciate supportive subscribers that would strengthen the relations.

Having relevant information posted on the business website or blogs with useful comments on various profiles would boost the market visibility of the company quickly. ‘Like’ Facebook posts helps enhance online connections, while re-tweet interesting messages, improve customer relations as well as open doors of potential business opportunities for the marketer.

Building up a Network

It is crucial for successful marketers to build up a wide and strong network through constant connectivity and reciprocal communications. This connectification is the essence of success for marketers in promoting their brand and business on the Internet today.

A strong network built would have a large group of like-minded individuals who understand the business and support the brand with regular purchases and feedback for improvement. If good rewards are accorded to loyal customers and potential leads in the network, greater business growth could be expected with lower efforts and costs as many advertising endeavors are automatically expended by these supportive connections.

Marketers could also reach out beyond their own circle of contacts; they could engage in a reciprocal networking with similar or related businesses through a reciprocal promotion via links. The collaboration is likely to be effective in drawing more outside traffic to the web business site instead of being limited to familiar grounds.

Reciprocal links of both parties in an agreed professional collaboration could be placed on each other’s website or profiles to encourage a wider scope of audience of the business.


When marketers understand the power or dynamics of reciprocal connectification, they are poised to reap greater rewards in due time. The initial sowing must be executed patiently before the desired benefits are revealed.


There is one thing that has to be said about Internet marketers. They are advertising innovators. Internet marketers simply tossed out all of the written-in-stone advertising policies of brick and mortar advertisers and devised new and effective ways to reach their potential customers.

The Internet itself changed the way that people buy things. People no longer have to get dressed, drive into town, find a parking place, stand in line or wear out their shoe leather searching for the products and services that they want. Three cheers for the Internet!

Internet marketers devised ways in which to reach their customer base that were unheard of in the brick and mortar world of advertising and now these giants of innovation have come up with yet another method that defies all of the principles of advertising that have been established over the years.

This new and innovative marketing technique that I’m talking about is called a “give away event” or a “Joint Venture give away event”

Can you imagine a group of brick and mortar stores getting together and agreeing to give free ‘stuff’ to one another’s customers? I can’t either. It isn’t likely that Sears is going to give something free to JC Penny customers, is it? Brick and mortar stores wouldn’t even dream of giving something free to stores that are not in competition with them. JC Penny would never give something free to customers of an automotive store even though JC Penny doesn’t sell automotive supplies. It just isn’t done in the brick and mortar world. But it IS done on the Internet. By lotcon.

When this marketing technique first came on the Internet, the Joint Venture give away was done only between October and mid-December to try to take advantage of the holiday shopping season but now the Joint Venture give away happens all year long.

The idea here is that people are more than one-dimensional. People who are deeply into Internet marketing, for example, also have spouses, kids, dogs, cats, like to ski or buy boats. People who are avid fishermen may also be interested in getting the best interest rate on their savings or learning to play a guitar. People may belong to one mailing list that reflects their main interest but that doesn’t mean that they are not interested in other products or services.

The fact that people are more than one-dimensional was noted by innovating Internet marketers. They devised a plan to take full advantage of the varying interests of people by putting together the now famous Joint Venture give away.

A Joint Venture give away is usually limited to a specific number of partners. Each partner offers a free gift which is almost always digital and downloaded from his website. These free gifts are usually E-Books, special reports or utilities that are valuable in some way.

Once a Joint Venture give away is organized, every participating partner sends the entire list of free gifts to the members of his mailing list. Those who sell Internet marketing E-Books on their websites will send offers for E-Books about ski vacations and guitar lessons to the members of their list. Those who sell ski equipment will, likewise, send free gift offers for Internet marketing E-Books to their lists.

Every partner advertises the free gifts offered by themselves as well as every other member of the Joint Venture give away and each and every partner in the Joint Venture give away has the opportunity to build his or her list.

As I said before, when the Joint Venture give away was first conceived of it was usually limited to the holiday shopping season but that is no longer the case. The fact is that it has proven to be such an effective list building opportunity that there is almost always a Joint Venture give away or two or three going on at all times of the year now. That number is growing by leaps and bounds as marketers realize the value.

The phenomenal success of the Joint Venture give away begs the questions, how does one put together a successful Joint Venture give away or find one to join?

The answer to finding one to join is really rather simple. You just do a search for ‘Joint Venture give away’ using your favorite search engine and you will find more than a few. Choosing which Joint Venture give away to join can be a little tougher. Remember that you are going to be required to send all of the offers in a joint give away package to all of the members of your list. You want to be sure that the offers are ones that your members will not find objectionable so you need to know who the ot her participants will be and what they will be offering as free gifts.

Creating your own Joint Venture give away is probably the better option. It is fairly simple to put together a Joint Venture give away but it will require a good deal of hard work. Rather than advertising for Joint Venture partners to participate in your Joint Venture give away, seek out each partner individually and limit the number.

For example: if you are selling Internet Marketing How-to books, you might choose two or three other marketers who sell similar products. Then you might want to look for other marketers who sell products that are totally unrelated to your niche like a marketer who sells fishing supplies and one who sells guitar lessons, for example. Make you Joint Venture give away as versatile as you possibly can.

People really do have many dimensions. They are interested in many different things and those who belong to one mailing list may very well be interested in belonging to another mailing list or even buying the products and services that they find through a Joint Venture give away.

Internet marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to build their lists and advertise themselves and their products and services. The Joint Venture give away is only the latest way that they have found. I, LotCon,  can’t wait to see what they come up with next!



Let’s discuss how joint venture giveaways will help you generate traffic to your site. In fact, they do more than generate traffic. Joint venture giveaways will also help you build a large opt-in list, in a very short period of time, and you can bring those visitors back to your site time and time again.
Joining a joint venture giveaway is easy and free. You just need to find a giveaway, and these can be found through “Give Away” related forums, or through a search on Google. Once you’ve found a giveaway, you need a free gift to give away.
This can be something that you create yourself, or have created for you, such as a free report, an audio, a video, or an ebook – or even a piece of software. It can also be a Private Label Rights product that you have. The important thing is that your gift has value to the people that will be downloading it.
Next you need an autoresponder and a website. Set up an opt-in page, which is often called a squeeze page or a capture page, stored on your site. Connect it to your autoresponder, and in your autoresponder, set up a campaign for the giveaway. Create a confirmation email and download e-mail for the gift in your autoresponder. You can use the same gift foe a period of time in several JV Giveaways, so after a one tome preparation there is not much to it to join in several Giveaways
Determine where the visitor will go, once they hit the submit button on your opt-in page. They can go to the first page of your site. They could be sent to a sales page for an affiliate product that you sell. You could also set up a One Time Offer (OTO), where they have one chance to purchase a product from you, at a special price.
Finally, when you are all set up on your end; submit your information to the host of the joint venture giveaway event. They will typically want the name of your gift, the URL of your opt-in page, a description of that gift, and the link to the graphic that represents your gift, such as a graphical ebook cover or CD cover.
While you will build a nice big list with the joint venture giveaway, remember that your purpose is to generate traffic as well. You don’t want people showing up, getting their gift, and leaving – never to be seen or heard from again. Your list resolves a lot of this, because you can use it to bring them back.
But at the same time, when your visitor is redirected after submitting the form, try to have them redirected to a page on your site that will immediately capture their attention, and keep them there for a while, even after they have been given their free gift.
Joining GV Giveaways is a fast and low cost method to build your list and generate some quality traffic to your website.

Third Lesson – Joining Giveaway’s ad Contributor

You should have subscribed to at least a couple of giveaway events and have some files in your folders. You should have also started compiling a list of gift ideas for when you are ready to start contributing to these events.

Now that you have learned the basics of how giveaway events work and you have started researching the ways that other marketers use these events to build big lists of subscribers it’s time for you to make your plan of attack.

You need to be fully prepared before you start joining events as a contributor. As we talked about in our last lesson you want to have everything set up and ready to go.

You will need:

– A gift to give

– An autoresponder system

– A series of email messages

– A domain and hosting account

– A squeeze page and download page.

Using the same methods as before go out and find giveaway events that are accepting contributors and start joining. You will come across some giveaways that are by invitation only and when this happens you can sometimes write to the event host and ask for one or find someone that is already a contributor and try to get an invitation from them.

But if you don’t get to contribute, join anyway and promote the event. This way you will be more likely to get an invitation to the next event. If it’s a big event that is hosted annually it will be worth the wait. You will find that once you join events you will start getting invitations to more.

At first it will be just fine for you to use the same gift in multiple events, but after a few you will want to incorporate others so that you can capture even more subscribers.

Once you join an event you will have to go through the process of submitting your gift to the giveaway and getting it approved by the host. That is why it is so important to have everything ready to go before you start contributing. Because most event hosts will test your links and download your product before they approve it.

Most of the time contributors will have the opportunity to upgrade in their position in the giveaway. If you can afford to upgrade then it is a very good idea to do so.

As a paying contributor, you will enjoy perks like getting your gift placed higher on the download pages, being included in email promotions, advertising rotations and not having to recruit as many subscribers to get your gift seen. If the price is reasonable, it is well worth it and it will help to build your list faster.

As we talked about in the last lesson you will be obligated to promote when the giveaway officially begins and you really want to send as many people as you can to the event. This will help your gift to remain in high standing for as long as the giveaway runs. Most last from 1 to 4 weeks and you will want to continue to promote until the end.

The event host will most likely have a series of ready to go promotional emails and graphics that you can use. You will also want to create your own and do your best to reach as many people as possible.

Every giveaway is a little bit different, but they all usually run off of a similar script, there are only about 3 or 4 out there. So, once you become accustomed to one, you will have no trouble with the others. After your first few events you will be able to develop your own system for submitting gifts, which will make the process much easier for you.

Don’t worry if at first you only gain a small number of subscribers. With each event you join you will be able to add more and more subscribers and use them to your advantage for future events.

Don’t forget your ultimate goal is to convert your new found subscribers in to long time customers, so treat them well.

Put together a few good gift packages, have a good system in place for contributing to giveaway events and have a huge list of happy subscribers and customers!

JV Partner Information

Fred Lotgering is a professional marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is also a successful internet network marketer dedicated to help others do the same! He is the owner of “LotCon” Biz Solutions. (“LotCon” comes from Lotgering Consultancy; LotCon is registered in the Netherlands).

Second Lesson – Getting Your Gifts Ready

In this lesson we be talking about some of the steps you need to take while getting your own gifts ready to submit to giveaway events.

Now that you have experienced the power of the Giveaways by actually getting some free gifts and subscribing to the lists of several marketers, it’s time to start thinking and planning the gifts you are going to submit to giveaway events!

This process will take a little longer because you will want to participate as a subscriber for a couple of weeks on the various lists of other marketers to see how they make the most out of these events.

Often what they will do is offer you the free gift and then after a couple of days present you with the opportunity to upgrade to a resale or private label version of the product so that you can sell it or give it away too.

This is a very good strategy and you should make note of it for your own gifts.

With your new collection of products that you have received from joining these giveaways you should be able to come up with some good ideas for your own gift giving process.

At this time you need to do a few things:

First, decide on the gift you are going to contribute. If you have theability to create your own product all the better because you won’t have any competition. If you don’t it’s perfectly OK to start out using a product that you have the giveaway rights to.

You will want to keep in mind the type of subscribers that you want to join your list during the event and keep your gift closely related to that topic. For instance, if you want to build a list of people interested in cooking, because you sell a lot of cooking related products you will want to give away something like a cookbook, a report with tips for budding new chefs or an ebook on “How Not to Burn the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Once you have decided on a gift to contribute you will have to create a “squeeze page” and a “download page”. If you don’t know how to do this yourself you will need to learn how, hire someone to do it for you or purchase a premade package or template that you can use.

You need a good autoresponder and you must learn how to start a list campaign, create an optin web form and embed it into the your squeeze page so that people can sign up for your free gift.

You will also want to create a series of emails to send to the people who join your list from the event.

These should included a thank you note with a link to their gift download, a follow up message asking them if they received their gift OK, if they are enjoying it and if they need any assistance. You may also want to include another free gift to them so that they will want to stay on your list.

Most importantly you want to write and email to send out after a few days offering them and upgrade, special discount or related product. Make it something that they will perceive as high value at a very low cost, so it is virtually irresistible to them. This is where your hard work will start to pay off, because you can get them into your sales funnel.

Most giveaways will require that you promote the event and may require that you invite a certain amount of people to join before your gift is made available inside the download area. Therefore you must have a plan in place to get signups for the event.

The event host will keep track of the people that you send to them through a special affiliate link that they provide you with after you join the event. If you fail to promote your gift will most likely be removed.

Look for more events to join. Continue to add to the good and bad folders on your computer and begin making a list of possible product ideas that you can use as a contribution when it’s time for you to become a contributor.

JV Partner Information

Fred Lotgering is a professional marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is also a successful internet network marketer dedicated to help others do the same! He is the owner of “LotCon” Biz Solutions. (“LotCon” comes from Lotgering Consultancy; LotCon is registered in the Netherlands).

How you can use Giveaway’s to your advantage?

Unless your computer is broken, or have been hiding under a rock in some far away land with no Internet connection for the last ten years then chances are that you have been exposed to some type of giveaway event. This method of list building is very well known by Internet marketers all over the world.

You see, dozens, sometimes hundreds of Internet Marketers just like you will gather together to build their lists and they have discovered that offering free gifts in big giveaways is a great way to achieve this goal quickly.

A quick search online for “giveaway jv” will lead you right to a list of sites that post giveaway events that you can join. These events are created for a wide variety of reasons and they are held nearly year-round.

Before you begin contributing to giveaways you will want to join several so that you can get a good idea of how the system works. By joining as a subscriber first you will be able to pick up some free products, sign up for several lists from other marketers and see how they are setting up their giveaway system.

Not only is this a good way to spy on your competitors, it is a good way to get your hands on products that you can use to build your own list too!

Once you join a few of these events you will be hit with a lot of email and even though it will be tempting to opt-out of these lists, you don’t want to be too hasty. Remember you are trying to learn how to make the most out of giveaway system for when you start adding your own products to them.

Set up a folder on your desktop and keep track of the products and emails that have the most impact on you.

You will notice that a lot of your more savvy marketers will send you several emails, thanking you, offering you even more free gifts and then eventually trying to get you into their sales funnel with a good low cost offer. These are the ones that you want to keep a close eye on because they are good at converting subscribers from these events in to customers.

You may also want to keep a folder with the ones that you didn’t like so that you will know what NOT to do when you start joining events.

Go do a search for “giveaway jv”, find some events to join and set up the folders on your computer for the good and bad products and emails that you receive.

JV Partner Information

Fred Lotgering is a professional marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is also a successful internet network marketer dedicated to help others do the same! He is the owner of “LotCon” Biz Solutions. (“LotCon” comes from Lotgering Consultancy; LotCon is registered in the Netherlands).